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Fratelli Motta - Sicilian Classic Panettone, hand wrapped

Fratelli Motta - Sicilian Classic Panettone, hand wrapped

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Fratelli Motta traditional panettone made by the Motta brothers (Piero & Salvo) in Peterno, Sicily.

Flavored with intense fragrance of ripe Sicilian fruits, and made with only the best quality raws materials, slowly leavened from sourdough mother starter for 36 hours to create this soft and luscious sweet bread. 

This classic panettone is flavoured with raisins, candied orange & Zibibbo wine.

Ingredients include: 

Eggs from free range hens

White butter (minimum 20% of all ingredients!)

Candied oranges / lemon / mandarin from citrus fruit grown on Mount Etna

(all the fruit is bought from local groves and candied in house)

Sicily’s finest almonds, pistachios & hazelnuts