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HasBean Coffee: Colombia El Yalcon, DECAF, 250g (OMNIROAST)

HasBean Coffee: Colombia El Yalcon, DECAF, 250g (OMNIROAST)

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Hasbean's current decaf offering: El Yalcon, Colombia

  • Country: Colombia
  • Department: Huila
  • Coffee: El Yalcon
  • Independent producers: 24
  • Altitude: 1,500–1,750 m.a.s.l.
  • Varietals grown: Caturra
  • Processing method: Washed in micro-mills at each farm
  • Decaffeination: Descafecol plant in Colombia: uses ethyl acetate derived from a natural source – namely sugar cane

This coffee was grown and decaffeinated in Colombia. This might not sound remarkable, but most coffee is decaffeinated in either Canada or Germany. This adds food miles to the coffee, which is not good. What decaffeination in a coffee’s producing country does is add value at the place where I’m very happy to add value; that is, around 40km from the warehouse where the shipments are collated.

Take a look at the blog post here for more information on how the coffee is decaffeinated. 'SC' stands for sugar cane, because the decaffeination agent ethyl acetate is naturally derived from sugar cane.

Someone's put a spoonful of treacle in this coffee. There's a little orange zest in there too and milk chocolate on the aftertaste, but sweet, dark treacle is what this one is all about.