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Assembly Coffee: House El Salvador, honey process (espresso or filter, per 100g loose)

Assembly Coffee: House El Salvador, honey process (espresso or filter, per 100g loose)

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This will be decanted beans into a bag, rather than a retail bag. 

The Assembly Espresso, as always, is the result of a collective process which draws on direct input from the best independent cafes in the UK. Together we have arrived at a 'brief' to offer a versatile house espresso which is characterised by clean sweetness but with a rich and balanced body - equally enjoyable either as espresso or with milk.

  • Farm — Finca Las Brumas
  • Region — Cordillera Del Balsamo, El Salvador
  • Producer  — Productor Coffee + Aldo Parducci
  • Process —Honey
  • Varietal — Red Bourbon
  • Altitude — 1275 masl

Finca El Salvador has been in the Ruffatti family for 4 generations.

Rodolfo Ruffatti bought this farm in 1932. He had recently emigrated from Torino, Italy to El Salvador and went into the coffee business with his father-in-law, Luigi Risso, who had emigrated from Genoa.

The farm has 91 manzanas in production (manzana is a local unit, 1 manzana is approx 0.75 hectares) so 68.25 hectares cultivated with coffee and a pristine forest reserve of 8.5 manzanas, approx 6.3 hectares.

The farm employs 30 permanent workers and more people for the harvest, with one single family living at the farm. All the other workers live near the farm.

The bourbons are harvested as part of the bulk of the farm and the following varieties are harvested as micro-lots: Portillo, Pacamara, Sudan Rume, Kenya and Sarchimor (this last one is blended into the lowest cupping lot of the farm)

For this lot, we blended honey and natural day lots. Once cherries are harvested, they are driven to the mill, where they are weighed and analysed. We classify all day-lots by cherry ripeness and give each lot a grade. We usually reserve the best picked lots for our natural process. Honey process is de-pulped either at night or the next morning, without water, without fermentation, the de-pulped coffee goes direct to the raised beds, or lacking space, to the patios. The Natural process is placed directly on beds as it arrives at the mill (We do not float the naturals, so we can keep all the juice. We then have more work in the sorting).

Tastes like: Caramel. Stone Fruit. Luscious.