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Round Hill Roastery: Ecoagricola, Brazil, Tropical Fermentation (FILTER, 250g bag)

Round Hill Roastery: Ecoagricola, Brazil, Tropical Fermentation (FILTER, 250g bag)

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Stewed plum, Sugared Almond, Caramel

Red Catuai

Tropical Fermentation

1100 masl

The Flanzer family began farming in the Serra do Cabral (in the Chapada de Minas at the north of Minas Gerais) in the 1970s, when Henrique Flanzer bought the land to engage in forestry projects. In 2000, his sons Marcelo and Roberto took over management of the farm and decided to diversify. They chose coffee as it fitted with the regions altitude, climate, water & terroir. The farm name is the combination of two words ‘Ecologia’ and “Agricola”. Ecological because it’s the farms motto to preserve the environment and agriculture as it’s their industry and passion.

What has really appealed to us about this coffee is their experimental process known as ‘tropical fermentation’. The ripest cherries are picked and immediately placed in bags below the coffee tree, they are left here in the shade for 24 hours. This means the beans go through a process of dry fermentation. At the time of harvest the climate in the Serra do Cabral is very dry providing the unique conditions needed to achieve this extraordinary profile. The cherries are then washed to simply remove mud and residue from the bag before being slowly dried on raised beds.